Petroleum & Gas Engineering

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University Requirements:14 Cr.Hrs. 6 Cr.Hrs. 20 Cr.Hrs.
General Field Requirements: 33 Cr.Hrs. 33 Cr.Hrs.
General Specialty Requirements: 64 Cr.Hrs.3 Cr.Hrs. 67 Cr.Hrs.
Minor Specialty Requirements: 30 Cr.Hrs.15 Cr.Hrs. 45 Cr.Hrs.

**The Student must perform field training for 10 weeks during his study duration for at least two separate periods not exceeding 6 weeks at a time each.

A specialized program of Petroleum and natural gas Industries, which is concerned with studying the methods of extracting oil and gas and then treating them, in addition to the drilling and development of fields of production and raising efficiency.

  • Students shall acquire knowledge and skills and understand the mathematical and engineering fundamentals necessary for the competencies required in the field of petroleum and gas engineering.
  • Develop the intellectual skills necessary for students to plan, analyse, implement, and manage projects involving activities related to petroleum and gas engineering.
  • Develop the necessary communication skills for the profession that enable graduates to work in multidisciplinary teams and interact properly in the professional environment.
  • Students are aware of their professional and ethical responsibilities and are encouraged to undertake scientific research.
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Quality Engineer at an Oil & Gas Field
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Process engineer in treatment and liquefaction of natural gas
  • Sales Engineer (Oil and Gases)