Environmental Architecture & Technology

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University Requirements:14 Cr.Hrs. 6 Cr.Hrs. 20 Cr.Hrs.
General Field Requirements: 33 Cr.Hrs. 33 Cr.Hrs.
General Specialty Requirements: 64 Cr.Hrs.3 Cr.Hrs. 67 Cr.Hrs.
Minor Specialty Requirements: 30 Cr.Hrs.15 Cr.Hrs. 45 Cr.Hrs.

**The Student must perform field training for 10 weeks during his study duration for at least two separate periods not exceeding 6 weeks at a time each.

Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of understanding the problems related to architecture and the environment, and finding architectural solutions that meet the requirements of society and achieve the principles of sustainability while employing modern technology in architecture and environmental development.

  • Understand the environmental and societal aspects and provide solutions using contemporary technology.
  • Implement the concept of sustainable design in architecture by understanding the relationship between the building and the environment while achieving the human scale in his/her designs.
  • Generate innovative architectural ideas that meet technical requirements and take account of social, economic and environmental dimensions.
  • Coordinate between different engineering disciplines related to his/her field of work.
  • Keep pace with scientific and technological progress in the field of the profession and related disciplines.

There is great opportunity to contribute to the modern urban movement that aims to create new cities and urban communities, and to participate in the design and implementation of large architectural projects that take account of economic, social and environmental dimensions.