Mechatronics Engineering

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University Requirements:14 Cr.Hrs. 6 Cr.Hrs. 20 Cr.Hrs.
General Field Requirements: 33 Cr.Hrs. 33 Cr.Hrs.
General Specialty Requirements: 64 Cr.Hrs.3 Cr.Hrs. 67 Cr.Hrs.
Minor Specialty Requirements: 30 Cr.Hrs.15 Cr.Hrs. 45 Cr.Hrs.

**The Student must perform field training for 10 weeks during his study duration for at least two separate periods not exceeding 6 weeks at a time each.

A program in which Mechatronics and its various applications in industrial automation, cars, Nano-mechatronic and biomechanics are studied.

  • Understand the principles of theoretical and practical knowledge of mechatronic systems and their design methods.
  • Use the latest technologies to find reliable and innovative mechatronic solutions for industrial and life problems
  • Deal with and coordinate with various disciplines and maximize his administrative abilities to compete locally and globally.
  • Design, develop and maintain mechatronic systems.

Job opportunities are promising in automobiles Industry, Robotics Industry, Automation, System design, Embedded system, Bionics system design

Electric vehicles are now one of the top industries around the world and are being promoted in Egypt. In such industry, the mechatronics engineer is highly required