Electronics Engineering & Communications

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University Requirements:14 Cr.Hrs. 6 Cr.Hrs. 20 Cr.Hrs.
General Field Requirements: 33 Cr.Hrs. 33 Cr.Hrs.
General Specialty Requirements: 64 Cr.Hrs.3 Cr.Hrs. 67 Cr.Hrs.
Minor Specialty Requirements: 30 Cr.Hrs.15 Cr.Hrs. 45 Cr.Hrs.

**The Student must perform field training for 10 weeks during his study duration for at least two separate periods not exceeding 6 weeks at a time each.

The program is concerned with the electronics industry, which is one of the industries that rely on mental effort and scientific production. The program focuses on microelectronics engineering, electronic systems design, low energy electronics, electronics applications in Internet objects systems, fifth generation networks and precision sensors.

  • Estimating and measuring the performance of communication and electronic systems under specific input excitation and evaluating its suitability for a specific application.
  • Identifying the needs, planning and managing resources, and gathering information for solving a specific communication problem and efficiently document this solution.
  • Have the technological abilities to design and implement elements, modules, sub-systems or systems.
  • Be familiar with and utilize professional tools for communication system engineering.
  • Design, model and analyze electronic, microwave, optical, and communication systems or components for a specific application and identify the tools required to optimize this design.
  • Classify and evaluate the applications and market segments to create a specific product including the estimation of the required resources.
  • Indicate and relate smart applications for energy systems; and test and evaluate the performance and suitability of energy systems.
  • Designing, producing and modifying designs Managing/working in a team of engineers
  • Undertaking site surveys
  • Producing disaster management plans
  • Interpreting data and writing reports
  • Testing systems