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Strategic Objectives

  • Prepare cadres qualified scientifically, professionally and competitively locally and regionally and possess the skills to use and apply modern technological tools in the fields of work, innovation, creativity and participation community, regionally and internationally.

  • The university and its educational programs obtain international academic accreditation and enhance its international ranking.


  • Developing the institutional capacities required to deal with information technology and providing the smart and sophisticated infrastructure necessary for scientific research and increasing areas of excellence.

  • Providing an academic environment that contributes to scientific excellence and develops a spirit of social responsibility and motivates volunteering and contributes to the development of creativity and innovation and the development of scientific research capabilities.

  • Developing administrative performance according to quality, efficiency and transparency standards.

  • Developing international relations to attract outstanding non-Egyptian students.

  • Enhancing the role of the University in the production and transfer of knowledge and skills in order to serve the community.



  • Providing outstanding quality scientific programs that meet the needs of the labour market and get local and international and recognize its graduates both locally and internationally.

  • Supporting scientific research and promoting innovation and creativity to serve the sustainable development of the community.


  • Promote excellence in education, research and community service.




  • Strategic partnerships with local community institutions and international universities.