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  • Providing effective and advanced levels of education that improve and support students’ educational and research capabilities.

  • Achieving excellence and leadership at the level of graduates and maximizing their capabilities in moving from the stage of acquiring knowledge to the stage of employing it in finding innovative solutions to serve the community.

  • Keeping up with the requirements of the job market at the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the shifting from the consumption of knowledge to its production and the consolidation of the idea of a society of knowledge.

  • Competing in the field of applied sciences and technology and employing them to the advancement of the society while preserving identity and strengthening Arab and African links.

  • Providing a flexible framework for cooperation with the industry which allows continuous improvement and preservation of societal values and ethics while keeping pace with scientific and technological development

  • Providing the community with future leaders who are capable of making tangible changes for themselves, their country and their regional environment, and maximizing their ability to come up with innovative scientific solutions for the advancement of the community as promising entrepreneurs equipped with the potentials of developing their capabilities for life.