Architectural Design & Digital Architecture

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University Requirements:14 Cr.Hrs. 6 Cr.Hrs. 20 Cr.Hrs.
General Field Requirements: 33 Cr.Hrs. 33 Cr.Hrs.
General Specialty Requirements: 64 Cr.Hrs.3 Cr.Hrs. 67 Cr.Hrs.
Minor Specialty Requirements: 30 Cr.Hrs.15 Cr.Hrs. 45 Cr.Hrs.

**The Student must perform field training for 10 weeks during his study duration for at least two separate periods not exceeding 6 weeks at a time each.

To prepare skilled professional graduates capable of responding to the recent challenges in the field of architecture and architectural design by employing the latest technologies and digital design tools to address the needs of the community within the framework of comprehensive development plans.

  • Understand design problems with their social, functional and technological dimensions.
  • Acquire new concepts for the development of architectural design skills.
  • Pursue recent developments in digital design technology;
  • Generate innovative architectural ideas that meet technical requirements through the use of digital technology.
  • Experience 3D simulation models of natural or synthetic phenomena.
  • Apply requirements, laws and codes in own designs.
  • Prepare preliminary and executive studies and drawings, tender documents, supervision of implementation, cost-control and project management.