Governing Values

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The University seeks to achieve its mission by emphasizing a set of values that express its internal identity and give it its distinctive character.

  • Transparency

    Working through clear strategies and exchanging of information and correct knowledge and providing the same to all the stakeholders.

  • Equality

    The application of laws and regulations without discrimination and ensuring everyone’s rights to benefit from the available opportunities.

  • Integrity

    Respecting the dignity and moral integrity of every person without conditions or restrictions.

  • Diversity

    Emphasizing and accepting the uniqueness and diversity among people, ideas and values and encouraging integration between different cultures.

  • Excellence

    Through the provision of best international practices and the use of international professional standards in the design, implementation, management and evaluation of programs.

  • Encouraging creativity

    Providing a scientific and practical environment that allows for the stimulation of creativity and excellence.

  • Quality

    Adherence to high-level educational and scientific standards in accordance with the international best practices and international standards in education, research and services.

  • Loyalty

    Making every effort to promote national belonging of the students and all employees by spreading the national spirit and putting the public interest above any consideration.

  • Integration

    Cooperation with other local, regional and international institutions and universities through the establishment of integrated partnerships with the public and private sectors to meet their needs, and building human resources capacities that serve the local and regional environment.

  • Innovation

    Providing students with an opportunity to highlight their innovative abilities through collective academic activities and using modern learning methods.

  • Self-development

    Providing students with an opportunity to engage in a lifestyle that contributes to personal development and paves the way for success in the knowledge economy and society.

  • Leadership

    Achieving a good scientific and research reputation at the local, national and global levels.

  • Global vision

    Openness to global experiences, ideas and experiences, positive interaction with different cultures and encouraging cooperation with research centers and the outstanding corresponding universities locally and globally