Computer ScienceAI ScienceBioinformaticsInformation Technology
University Requirements:20 Cr.Hrs.20 Cr.Hrs.20 Cr.Hrs.20 Cr.Hrs.
Mathematics & Basic Science:24 Cr.Hrs.24 Cr.Hrs.27 Cr.Hrs.24 Cr.Hrs.
Computer Science & Engineering:31 Cr.Hrs.31 Cr.Hrs.31 Cr.Hrs.36 Cr.Hrs.
AI Science & Engineering:6 Cr.Hrs.6 Cr.Hrs.3 Cr.Hrs.0
Advanced Specialty Requirements:42 Cr.Hrs.42 Cr.Hrs.042 Cr.Hrs.
Bioinformatics:0042 Cr.Hrs.0
Project & Training:10 Cr.Hrs.10 Cr.Hrs.10 Cr.Hrs.10 Cr.Hrs.
Total133 Cr.Hrs.133 Cr.Hrs.133 Cr.Hrs.132 Cr.Hrs.

The program focuses on developing Informatics systems that depend on medical data and measurements, Radiology images, and magnetic resonance. Then, recognize and analyze these data.

In addition, the graduate of the Binformatics program has all the modules of graduates of computer Science programs. The graduates have the following characteristics intensively:

  • The ability to develop informatics systems that depend on medical data and measurements.
  • The ability to build software that embed radiology photos, magnetic resonance, and medical measurements; to analyze the data outcome from them

Companies working in medical systems – Information technology department in health care companies.