Artificial Intelligence Science

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Computer Science AI Science
University Requirements:20 Cr.Hrs.20 Cr.Hrs.
Mathematics & Basic Science:24 Cr.Hrs.24Cr.Hrs.
Computer Science & Engineering:31 Cr.Hrs.31 Cr.Hrs.
AI Science & Engineering:6 Cr.Hrs.6 Cr.Hrs.
Advanced Specialty Requirements:42 Cr.Hrs.42 Cr.Hrs.
Bio-Medical Informatics:00
Project & Training:10 Cr.Hrs.10 Cr.Hrs.

The program grants the deep knowledge and skills needed to transform big amounts of data into executable decisions. The program focuses on how to use complex inputs like vision, languages, and big databases in decision-making and enhance human power.

The graduate of the Artificial Intelligence Science program has all the modules of graduates of computer science programs. The graduates have the following characteristics intensively:

  • The ability to build software and intelligent agent systems.
  • The ability to recognize natural language systems and their implementation.
  • The ability to build machine-learning systems, implement them, and measure their performance.
  • International companies working in natural languages processing.
  • Smart programming companies.
  • Smart home components manufacturers.
  • Digital transformation companies’ startups.