Game Design

  • University Requirements:                                    20 Cr.Hrs.
  • General Field Requirements:                              24 Cr.Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements:                             91 Cr. Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements (Elective):            9 Cr. Hrs.
  • Practical Internship Requirements                     2 Cr. Hrs.

                                           Total:                                 146 Cr.Hrs.

**Practical Summer Internship (Summer Training):

Students must pass practical internship:

  • 1st (between the second & third level), Practical Internship
  • 2nd (between the third & fourth level), 4 weeks between each level

The field of digital media in general is the salient feature of communication of the world today, where it has become the audio-visual communication platform in many fields. The field of designing and manufacturing digital games has become an important field of artistic and technological development. This program is based on providing students with the knowledge of digital and visual media, which rely on attracting the attention of receivers and providing entertainment materials by understanding the cultural and psychological nature of receivers or users of today’s digital games.


  • The program generally aims to build the students character through the development of creative skills and providing them with knowledge and deep understanding of the cultural and human aspects to become graduates capable of respecting and appreciating the other and serving the community and effective communication with his/her members. They can solve problems through critical thinking, scientific research and innovation, self-development and continuous learning.


  • The game design program prepares graduates capable of developing graphic design of electronic games in an effective and persuasive manner to communicate with and influence recipients through knowledge, science and modern art through deep understanding of the techniques of producing electronic game, knowledge and auxiliary sciences, creativity, problem solving, innovative thinking, all geared towards producing electronic games that meet international requirements.
  • Electronic game designer for enterprises and companies specializing in digital interaction in entertainment and digital gaming.
  • Designer in institutions and companies engaged in the marketing and production of digital and visual media, both in the field of education or innovation and manufacture of digital games.
  • Designer to design digital content, interactive media and social networking games.