Multimedia Design

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  • University Requirements:                                    20 Cr.Hrs.
  • General Field Requirements:                              24 Cr.Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements:                             94 Cr. Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements (Elective):            6 Cr. Hrs.

                                           Total:                                 144 Cr.Hrs.

**Practical Summer Internship (Summer Training):

Students must pass practical internship:

  • 1st (between the second & third level), Practical Internship
  • 2nd (between the third & fourth level), 4 weeks between each level

The multimedia design program at the Faculty of Arts & Design aims at portraying contemporary practices in the graphic design industry. The program emphasizes this type of design and multimedia as an additional component. The program also integrates a wide range of practices such as: video communication, digital media, print and web page design (including book design, magazines, exhibitions, packaging packages, branding, corporate identity and interface design).

Provides the next generation of designers with tools for the 21st century, especially in the world of design, which is characterized by continuous development and growth. Communication and multimedia provides training that combines theory and field history through practical application, project-based training, and many opportunities to meet daily design challenges.


  • The program provides the projects by artistic Designs, studies and analysis integrated and cover all graphic design projects` parts based on design perceptions.
  • Expand the student’s capabilities in the field of research and design and analytical areas and experiences.


  • The program develops the skills of education and self-learning, which in turn develop the minds of students and their abilities to create, innovate, and provide them with the skills and abilities necessary for self-employment, to create jobs rather than hunt them.
  • High knowledge in the fields of communication technologies, creativity, design and multimedia design programs, as well as fields of design and implementation of electronic games.
  • Combining the pillars of contemporary practices in the multimedia graphic design industry, specially media and internet programs.
  • Studying programs related to digital communication and media, as well as designing various interactive web pages.
  • Study aspects of multimedia design and interactive graphics oriented for interactive designs.
  • Ensure that students learn the needed tools for the 21st century.
  • To expand the student’s capabilities in the field of research, analytical fields and dialectical experiments.

Graduates of this sector can work in various ministries, public and private institutes, in addition to practice of freelance art works. Graduates can also work in various professional fields, including printing and design companies, publications and digital media. In addition to, other fields related to this specialty such as mass media, marketing, advertising and promotions as well as animation.