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  • University Requirements:                                    20 Cr.Hrs.
  • General Field Requirements:                              24 Cr.Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements:                             94 Cr. Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements (Elective):            6 Cr. Hrs.

                                           Total:                                 144 Cr.Hrs.

**Practical Summer Internship (Summer Training):

Students must pass practical internship:

  • 1st (between the second & third level), Practical Internship
  • 2nd (between the third & fourth level), 4 weeks between each level

The animation program has recently gained international as well as local fame because of its strong connection with the technological and digital development in all software used for the production of animation in addition to the 3D video games and the production of characters. This program covers techniques and modes of animation. This is the only program in this department to combine design skills, drawing skills, modern 3D techniques, with the directing and filmmaking skills.


  • This program is only offered in a few educational institutions, due to its special requirements of modern curricula and highly qualified professors. Students are carefully selected, according to their special artistic skills, as well as their talent in the design of characters, the ability to animate these characters and also the imagination power that enables them to grasp the 3D programs.


  • High knowledge in the fields of digital technology.
  • Combining the pillars of expressive and plastic arts.
  • Experience in the film directing.
  • Experience in aspects of filmmaking
  • Ensuring that students learn the basics of the program and all skills related to this specialization as well as the necessary skills to build characters and backgrounds.
  • Ensuring that students’ critical thinking is enhanced to enable them to grasp the rich work ethics.
  • Working to expand students’ capabilities in the field of research, analytical fields and dialectical experiments.
  • Focusing on communication, creativity and design skills.
  • Animation director.
  • Character and scenario design works.
  • Design of backgrounds and working environments for animation films.
  • Storyboard design.
  • 3D animation design.
  • Design of the virtual environment using multi-technology