Advertising Design

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  • University Requirements:                                    20 Cr.Hrs.
  • General Field Requirements:                              24 Cr.Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements:                             91 Cr. Hrs.
  • Specialization Requirements (Elective):            9 Cr. Hrs.
  • Practical Internship Requirements                     2 Cr. Hrs.

                                           Total:                                 146 Cr.Hrs.

**Practical Summer Internship (Summer Training):

Students must pass practical internship:

  • 1st (between the second & third level), Practical Internship
  • 2nd (between the third & fourth level), 4 weeks between each level

There is a huge difference between the field of advertising today and what it used to be before not so long ago. Technological development and the means of communication have reshaped the awareness of recipients and their abilities to understand and interact with the audio and visual messages, which has been reflected in the advertising activity in general. The design and production of advertising in its modern form, including all that is visual and audible, depend on the essence of interaction and participation with recipients. Thus, this program is based on providing students with knowledge and skills to format creative experiences that aim to influence and persuade to achieve communication and marketing goals through understanding and interaction with advertising recipients today.


  • The program aims at building the personality of students through the development of their creative skills, and providing them with knowledge and deep understanding of the cultural and human aspects to become graduates who are able to respect and appreciate the other and serve the community, and communicate effectively with the community. They can solve problems through critical thinking, scientific research and innovation, self-development and continuous learning.


  • The digital and visual media design program prepares graduates capable of creating and designing effective and persuasive advertising messages that can communicate and effectively influence recipients and users of digital media today through modern knowledge, science and art through a deep understanding of the culture and science, creativity, development, problem solving, critical thinking and scientific research.
  • As a designer in advertising agencies.
  • As a graphic designer in television channels and major institutions in the field of communication and construction of visual identity.
  • As an advertising designer in institutions and companies that work in the field of marketing and production of digital and video media, both in the field of digital marketing.
  • Designing digital content, interactive media and marketing websites on social media networks.