Accounting & Information Systems

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  • University Requirements:                 20 Cr.Hrs.
  • General Field Requirements:           63 Cr.Hrs.
  • General Specialty Requirements:     51 Cr. Hrs.

              Total:                                 134 Cr.Hrs.

  • The main objectives of the academic programs offered by the Faculty of Business at Alamein  International University are to create a new generation of business leaders well equipped with knowledge, skills, integrity, a sense of social responsibility, and individual qualities required to successful outcomes in today’s business world.
  • The curricula are designed to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of Management, Accounting, and Information Systems with a broad understanding of business organizations in today’s knowledge economy. Successful completion of the curriculum prepares students to perform a wide range of tasks and duties and demonstrate leadership abilities, technological and intellectual skills

The Graduate will be able to:

  • Use the scientific method in thinking and problem solving.
  • Apply the analytical, critical and creative thinking skills in managerial fields.
  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the fields of business in general, and in the field of specialization in particular, in a positive manner to serve the institution in which he/she works, and society as a whole.
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of the impact of globalization and information technology in business and the field of specialization, in light of the constant change in the global economic environment and the trend towards knowledge economy.
  • Understand, appreciate, and strive to achieve sustainable development.
  • Accept the responsibilities assigned to him/her in a professional and ethical manner, and abide by the laws and professional codes of conduct.
  • Acquire skills of leadership, networking, and working in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Use information systems and technology effectively.
  • Pursue continuous learning to develop the knowledge and professional skills obtained.
  • Develop and explain financial and administrative reports.
  • Manage time effectively.
  • Master self-management and self-control.
  • Apply the concepts of continuous improvement in his/her field of work.

Graduates will be prepared for employment opportunities in public and private organizations, banks and financial institutions, service organizations, and large to small industrial organizations. Sample job  opportunities include:

– Professional accountant

– Internal auditor

– Cost accountants

– Financial analyst

– Bankers

– Insurance and risk management specialist

– Marketing specialist

– Supply chain manager

– Human resource specialist

– System analysis and design experts

– Programmer/ Database designer

– Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) Specialist

– Entrepreneurs