Accounting & Information Systems

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  • Ability to prepare internal and external financial statements and reports.
  • Ability to identify appropriate accounting and financial techniques for planning and control purposes, both in the local and international contexts.
  • Ability to evaluate operational and financial policies that comply with legal regulations, adhere to¬† accounting and control standards, and be appropriate for ethical, cultural, and economic aspects.
  • Ability to plan external and internal audit of information systems.
  • Ability to evaluate information systems and management systems through the effective use of appropriate information technology from the cultural, legal, and ethical aspects.
  • Ability to make recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, jobs, employees, and business sectors.
  • Master programming languages.
  • Design and manage databases.
  • Analyze and design information systems.
  • Build networks and handle information security.
  • Identify the IT needs required for the business of the organization.
  • Link the various functions of the organization in the enterprise resource planning systems.