Strategic Objectives

Preparation of knowledgeable, skillful, and professional outstanding cadres on regional and international level through the following:

  • Offering advanced educational programs and courses.
  • Developing students′ scientific and technical skills.
  • Encourage and support students′ participation in international competitions, and to prepare them for the future job market, at the regional and international levels.
  • Partnerships with international universities for offering joint scientific programs.
  • Attracting industrial companies to share in integrating practical courses and supervise graduation projects.
  • Granting the Faculty, the local and international accreditation.
  • Strengthening the infrastructure and interest for continuous development.

Configuring the appropriate environment for scientific research through the following:

  • Developing the competitiveness of researchers.
  • Building and activating strategic partnerships with Artificial Intelligence companies and institutions.
  • Upgrading the research quality and level through continuous interaction with community issues.
  • Self-development of resources to enhance the Faculty research environment.

Development of community services through the following:

  • Strengthening the Faculty role in presenting specialized scientific services and consulting to private and governmental agencies
  • Strengthening ways of cooperation with companies and institutions that depend on artificial intelligence.
  • Establishment of a consulting and community service center.