Providing distinguished educational programs, research, and social activities on the local, regional and international levels, and to aspire assuming a distinguished position that puts the university in the ranks of prestigious universities worldwide.


To prepare human cadres qualified scientifically, culturally and morally to be able to participate actively in advancing the sustainable development and meet the needs of the community and the local and regional labor market, and be able to promote the community scientifically, economically and culturally and create an academic and technological environment motivating creativity and encouraging excellence in a climate of equality and intellectual freedom.

Governing Values

  • Entrepreneurship and Excellence: Achieving excellence through globally-recognized practices by employing a wide array of aligned education and learning strategies to conform to domestic and regional needs, while observing international professional standards in designing, implementing, managing and evaluating respective programs;
  • Quality: Serving our scholarly community by delivering consistently high-quality programs, corresponding to globally-recognized practices along with international education standards in business field;
  • Integration: Co-operating with all local and regional institutions and international universities, by building integrated partnerships with governmental, public and private sectors, in order to meet their job needs while linking education with job market and building human resources capacities that would best serve community locally and regionally;
  • Interaction: Providing opportunities of interaction among students from different cultural backgrounds, and encouraging students to interact with the community through internships and social activities; 
  • Innovation: Providing students with the opportunity to unleash their innovations through collective academic activities while observing modern learning approaches;
  • Self-development: Providing students with the opportunity to be involved in an environment that helps develop their personalities and paves them the way for success in the knowledge economy and society; and
  • Integrity, Transparency, and Trust.

Strategic Objectives

  • Making clear the vision, mission, values, goals, and procedures needed to help the College in implementing its strategy and building the organizational capabilities effectively.
  • Developing institutional abilities necessary to deal with information and communication technology in learning and innovation.
  • Emphasizing the quality of educational process and the use of high quality educational material adapted to fit the local and regional environments.
  • Establishing international partnership with distinguish educational institutions to exchange ideas and recent knowledge in all areas.
  • Cooperation with educational institutions, governmental departments, industry to drive the development weal towered the knowledge economy.     
  • Continuous improvement in the educational programs and material to meet the development needs.

These strategic objectives can be achieved through:

  • Establishing a high quality academic environment that is based on multiple education and learning strategies.
  • Providing higher education based on the best practices in education of administrative sciences and the use of modern education technologies.
  • Offering distinct academic programs that meet the needs of the job market, and the international standards.
  • Having students and faculty members involved in an academic environment that help improve skills and knowledge needed in the knowledge economy.
  • Providing the job market with graduates who have the knowledge and skills needed for self and national development.