Alamein International University (AIU) hosts a meeting of the Engineering Studies Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities

Prof. Dr. Roushdi Zahran – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AIU, and Prof. Dr. Essam El kordi – President of AIU, attended the meeting of the Engineering Studies Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities, which AIU was honored to host on Thursday, September 21, 2023; Chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Shaira – Chairman of the Committee, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Karim Salehin – Secretary of the Committee. This was in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa ,President of Alexandria University, and Prof. Dr. Moawad El-Kholy, President of New Mansoura University, and with the participation of the deans of Engineering faculties at public and private universities, the directors of military colleges, and the members of the Planning Committee, including former ministers, presidents and vice presidents of universities, engineering education experts, and the Engineering Sector Office, to discuss the development of engineering education in Egyptian universities.

In the speech, Prof. Dr. Roushdi Zahran and Prof. Dr. Essam El kordi welcomed the attendees and the members of the Engineering Sector Committee, which includes distinguished scientific figures and experts in the engineering field.

The meeting issued a number of important topics, such as developing engineering education in Egypt and developing scientific research in the field of engineering sciences; in addition to discussing the internal and academic regulations for all types of colleges affiliated with the sector, and the evaluation reports of field visits to newly established engineering colleges.

During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Mustafa El Nainay – Dean of the College of Computer Science and Engineering, gave a comprehensive presentation about AIU and about its various colleges, shedding light on the distinguished study programs offered by the university and on the joint international programs with internationally ranked universities.