Dr. Mohamed Soliman

Teaching Assistant
Department of Medicinal Chemistry


Mohamed Ahmed Soliman is a full-time teaching assistant at faculty of pharmacy at AIU.
He graduated from faculty of pharmacy Alexandria university ,Clinical pharmacy department, with honors and worked at academic , research and community pharmacy field.

Academic field :

  • Current

Working as full time Teaching assistant at Faculty of pharmacy at AIU at different faculty departments with medicinal chemistry specialty.

  • Previous

-Teaching Assistant at Arab academy for science and technology for 1 year at medicinal chemistry department on both drug design courses and Analytical chemistry courses.

– Teaching Assistant at faculty of pharmacy Alexandria university at pharmacology department

Research field:

-Enrolled to a research group for the discovery of a new drug for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer.

Community pharmacy:

Worked at Oxford pharmacies in Alexandria with a managerial position as shift manager as well as patient educational and drug compounding duties.

Post graduate studies:

Currently a pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry master degree candidate at faculty of pharmacy Alexandria University

  • Organic chemistry 1 : teaching students different physical and chemical tests for identifying different organic compounds
  • Organic chemistry 2 :Completing the different chemical classes identification and organic compounds synthesis
  • Analytical chemistry 1 :teaching students different traditional ways for chemical analysis and different types of titrimetric determination of drug concentration
  • Analytical Chemistry 2 :teaching students instrumental methods of analysis from spectroscopy and fluorimetry and TLC techniques
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology : teaching students different microscopical and macroscopical methods for the identification of different microorganisms .
  • Pharmaceutics 1 : teaching Students different dosage forms preparation from syrups, suspension , emulsions and the right technique for their preparation .
  • Pharmaceutics2 : teaching Students different dosage forms preparation from creams , ointments, effervescent granules and suppositories and the right techniques and methods for their preparation
  • Pharmacognosy : teaching students different plant organ parts and how to identify them microscopically and macroscopically
  • Medicinal chemistry 2 (AAST)
    using different analytical techniques to identify the concentration of different pharmaceutical marketed drugs as well as introductory to computer aided drug design
  • Medicinal chemistry 4 (AAST)
    Mainly concerned with Computer Aided Drug design at Biovia discovery studio and teaching students how to use the program in order to see different drug protein interactions and Pharmacophore generation
  • Pharmacology 2 (AU) : teaching students different in-silico methods at simulation labs of measuring different biological parameters