Alamein International University (AIU) is opening a job opportunity for the following position:

Mechanical Engineer

Job Description:

Serves as FM mechanical engineer who will be responsible for all FM services in a specific zone plus mechanical systems all over the site which includes HVAC, FIRE FIGHTING, LIFTS and plumbing. Responsibilities include reviewing Pre-handing over documents of mechanical systems, reviewing operation and maintenance manuals, supervise handing over process of mechanical systems and putting the snag list, supervise installation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical systems when required. Incumbent plans individual jobs and long-term work operations, develops a preventive maintenance program, and controls the quality of repair work. Responsibilities also include designing smaller mechanical systems when required, designing modifications to existing systems, reviewing plans and specifications for contracted work, and reviewing the work of outside contractors. Will also be expected to resolve most problems exercising discretionary judgment and analysis even in the most complex situations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receives oral or written work requests or by FMS and sets priorities
  • Reviews all work orders before and after completion
  • Supervises major overhaul or installation of mechanical systems to assure that work is carried out according to plans and specifications
  • Conducts a quality check of work in progress or upon completion to assure acceptability
  • Reviews the work of contractors for adherence to plans and specifications and for quality assurance
  • Informs staff in the proper use of tools, and proper work procedures
  • Keeps records of work orders, inventory and expenditures
  • Estimates and orders needed equipment and supplies
  • Determines the appropriate mechanical equipment
  • Coordinates work with other trades as need
  • Performs other duties/special assignments as required or to meet the ongoing needs of the department
  • Daily site visits to ensure all units are working in a normal condition and report any up normal condition directly to FM.
  • Receive copy of work orders directed to the contractor through the CAFM system, check after contractor completion and closing work orders reporting the time of closing and any comments in respect of safety, quality or response time.
  • Receive in a monthly basis through CAFM system the PPM schedules and the related work orders, closing work orders of PPM in a regular basis after ensuring full compliance with the check lists and report the closing time and any technical issues or proposals to be addressed to FM.
  • Conduct a joint inspection with maintenance contractor in a regular basis to assess the equipment’s condition and report any proposed major repairs or replacements to FM.
  • Visit the Material store in a regular basis to review the material stock to ensure the availability of contractual minimum stock all times and report any shortage to FM.
  • Submit a weekly report to FM showing the progress of maintenance activities and highlight any issues may affect the contract KPI’S.
  • Prepare scope of work and material required for all major repair works and follow up the execution with the contractor and issue the completion reports with all comments to FM.
  • Conduct the technical interviews of contractor technicians to ensure competency and report noncompliance cases to FM.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from accredited university.
  • Minimum 7 years of proven experience in the field.
  • Maximum age: 40 years in 1/7/2023 
  • Thorough knowledge of mechanical systems operation.
  • Considerable knowledge of the design and operation of mechanical systems.
  • Considerable knowledge of the design and operation of pneumatic control systems
  • Considerable knowledge of the practices, methods, materials, and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of mechanical systems.
  • Working knowledge of electricity
  • Ability to diagnose equipment malfunctions and prescribe repair procedures
  • Ability to train and supervise others
  • Ability to prioritize, plan, assign, coordinate and direct the work of mechanical systems technicians and crew leaders
  • Ability to design smaller systems or design modifications to larger systems
  • Ability to review and critique plans and specifications for mechanical systems
  • Computer and software skills include AUTOCAD-BIM
  • FMS experience preferred
  • Outgoing, pleasant attitude, good and friendly nature, people minded individual
  • Excellent command in English language (speak, write and read).
  • Applicant must hold Egyptian citizenship. 

Assessment Method:

Short listed candidates will be invited for interview and exams.


  • Misrepresentation or omitting any facts relevant to the hiring process in your application and CV or during the interview may result in terminating the hiring process or the contract in addition to any subsequent actions. 
  • AIU hiring policy does not permit hiring relatives of the non-academic staff up to the third degree.
  • You are expected to provide reference and employment letters.

*Deadline for application is 25 June 2023