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AIU Voice Club is a vibrant and dynamic university club dedicated to providing media coverage of events and entertainment at our university. The club is comprised of four teams the media team, magazine team and radio team. They work tirelessly to bring their fellow students the latest news, trends, and happenings on and off campus.

The Media team is responsible for capturing the most exciting moments of university life through photography and videography. From capturing the energy of a packed sports event to documenting the top-notch events at our campus.

The Magazine team is responsible for producing our university’s newsletter. Writers, editors, and designers collaborate to create a publication that showcases the best of student life on campus. From in-depth interviews with university administrators to the latest news of what happens in the world.

The Radio team is responsible for broadcasting the latest news, music, and events happening on campus.

Last but not least, the HR team is responsible for recruiting and tracking new members, ensuring that the club continues to thrive and grow. They are always looking for new talents to join the team and help produce the best content possible.

AIU Voice Club is a vital part of our university community, helping to keep students connected and informed about everything happening on and off campus. Whether you’re interested in media, journalism, or just looking to get involved with a great group of people, the AIU Voice Club has something for everyone.