Clinical Pharmacy (PharmD)

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  • Requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy (Pharm D)

– Total Credit hours (221)

– University requirements: 20 credit hours ( 14 compulsories + 6 electives)

– Field requirements 159 credit hours

– Graduation Project: 2 Credit Hours

– Experiential practice of 40 credit hours equivalent to 1280 hours (contact hrs.)

  • Honor Degree (Clinical Pharmacy degree):

– The student is awarded an honor degree if his final cumulative GPA is not less than 3.00 provided that his GPA has never been less than 3.00 in any semester of study. Moreover, he should have not failed in any course during his study.


  • Be able to provide medical care for patients, which includes participation in the selection and appropriate counseling of the drug according to the appropriate dosage of the patient, and his health condition, as well as advice on how to use the drug and its expected side effects according to the conditions and ethics of the pharmacy profession and other medical professions, which ensures the safety of the patient and the optimum benefit of the treatment that ensures a permanent and reliable communication between the patient and the pharmacist.
  • Be able to understand and dispense the prescriptions described to the patient and explain the information related to them (pharmaceutical doses, pharmacological reactions, side effects), be able to detect errors in the prescriptions provided and be able to communicate and interact with patients specifically and the local community generally in a manner befitting the level of the profession and distinguishing him from his pharmacist colleagues & graduates of other universities .
  • Be able to interact with the patient, diagnose some diseases and find the appropriate treatment according to the Pharmacopeia and WHO, as prescribed by the ethics committee of the medical professions.
  • Have a strong scientific and distinctive structure in the fields of basic and pharmaceutical sciences and clinical pharmacy.
  • Be capable of conducting experiments, performing necessary pharmaceutical calculations and preparing pharmaceutical recipes.
  • Be able to create and manage private pharmaceutical projects that can be a private pharmacy or drug store or create world-class pharmaceutical factories .
  • Have sufficient scientific knowledge and practical experience in all disciplines of pharmacy and its subjects, which enables him to complete his educational career in any high specialization he desires in prestigious international universities .
  • Be able to work in the government sector in all its areas of hospitals and health centers.
  • Be able to use books, references and electronic resources in addition to using technology to conduct research and draw conclusions about the pharmaceutical, medical and drug fields, whatever his specialization is.
  • Be able to work in educational institutions which require a sufficient amount of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge in addition to the distinctive personality, which in turn enables the pharmacy graduate, whatever the place where he competes to work in, to prove himself and achieve what he is required to do in the fields of teaching and scientific research, and thereby achieve the desired excellence that qualifies him for development and advancement.
  • Have a strong leadership and perseverance and be able to integrate and produce under the pressure of work and life, which assures him the continuity in success, development and self expression.
  • Health care
  • Hospital pharmacies
  • Venous nutrition Preparation Units
  • Preparation of Chemotherapy solutions for oncology patients
  • Drug and Poison information centers
  • Medical surveillance and Pharmacovigilance centers and units
  • Public pharmacies
  • Pharmacological clinical Trials
  • Forensic medicine and anti-addiction and poisoning control
  • Pharmaceutical Education and scientific research
  • Pharmacoeconomic studies
  • Medical management, registration and drug control