AIU welcomed a delegation of Egyptian scholars from America and Canada

Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Essam Elkordi, President of Alamein International University, and Professor Dr. Hisham Gaber, Vice President of the University for Academic Affairs, Alamein International University welcomed a delegation of Egyptian scholars from America and Canada. The delegation consisted of Professor Dr. Mohamed Atallah, Vice President of New York University and President of the Egyptian Scholars Association in America and Canada; Prof. Elsayed Elbeshbishy, Associate Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at Toronto Metropolitan university; Prof. Amal Ibrahim, Professor in chemical engineering- Senior Engineer Detroit water treatment plan; Prof. Alaa El-Sharkawi, Professor at Lowrance university in Michigan; Professor Dr. Ahmed El-Sawy, Professor at Professor in Tennessee technological university; Prof. Sayed Essa, Tech v. prof Metropolitan university in Toronto; and Dr. Hanan Ayoub, PhD in Pathology and Master of Public Health from Sunrise University – New Jersey.

The visit aims to benefit from the expertise of our Egyptian scholars abroad and to establish direct communication channels with them, enabling the localization of their international experiences and the implementation of their constructive scientific and practical proposals.

At the beginning of the visit, the guests were welcomed, and all university staff expressed their honour and happiness at the visit. Then, Professor Dr. Mustafa ElNainay, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, gave a presentation about the university, its strategic components, and its distinctive infrastructure, which has positioned it among fourth-generation universities. This includes unique academic programmes, student activities, and social participation in all fields of study and specialisations.

Prof. Dr. Essam Elkordi then invited the guests for a tour of the university campus to learn more about the university’s capabilities. The guests visited all the university’s faculties, inspected several specialised laboratories, and observed the outstanding classrooms. They were impressed by the university’s possession of modern equipment and advanced technologies, which the university harnesses to prepare its students to keep pace with the developments in the job market and to anticipate the future in various specialisations.

At the end of the visit, the guests expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Dr. Essam Elkordi and Prof. Dr. Hisham Gaber for their warm reception and hospitality.