AIU Students visit AUC Campus

Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Essam El Kordi, President of Alamein International University, and Professor Dr. Hesham Gaber – the Vice-president of the University for Academic Affairs, based on the University’s keenness to support scientific and practical cooperation in order to develop communication and exchange experiences among the university, society and various scientific institutions and to benefit from the various information, expertise and process developed in academic fields while strengthening relations with local and international research institutions and ensuring the continuous and effective development and improvement of the programs of the faculty of Engineering at Alamein International University and also based on the framework of fruitful and constructive cooperation between Egyptian and international universities and within the planned framework of scientific visits to the faculty of Engineering, a final scientific visit was organized for the fall semester of 2023 for a delegation from the Faculty of Engineering led by Professor Dr. Remoon Iskander – The Director of Engineering Programs and under the supervision of Dr. Nadia Samir specializing in architectural engineering with the supervision of both Engineer/ Ola Hatem and Engineer/ Mohammed Al Qassas specializing in construction engineering and project management to the American University at its new headquarters in the fifth settlement in Cairo on Thursday, December 14th 2023.

The visit included a special timed programme, which in turn includes a series of introductory tours of the various buildings and spaces of the University, and an understanding of the architectural and structural design of the University and how to adapt to the surrounding environment in order to save energy and increase its efficiency in the buildings, which in turn gives creative solutions that equip students with 21st century skills and qualify them for the local, regional and international labour market. The vital role of the faculty of Engineering at Alamein International University was also discussed, as it is an international university that has a tangible role in the service of society through cooperation between the University and distinguished universities to equip graduates with skills suitable for the local and global labour market. At the end of the meeting, a series of commemorative photographs of this fruitful visit were taken.