Students of Computer Science and Engineering program won First place in VTURCS Competition

Alamein International University congratulates students of Computer Science and Engineering program participated in the “Graph Your Data” project, winners of the first place in the VTURCS (Virginia Tech Undergraduate Research in Computer Science) competition among about 40 projects that participated in the competition. The Virginia Tech Undergraduate Research Program in Computer Science (VTURCS) highlights students’ research and capstone projects of the year.

Students who participated in the project from Alamein International University are:

  • Moamen Ayman Mohamed Mohamed Moustafa – Artificial Intelligence Science Program
  • Youssef Tarek Ali – Software Engineering Program
  • Ahmed Mostafa Shokr – Software Engineering Program

Virginia Tech team members:

  • Jinit Shah –Computer Science and Applied Discrete Mathematics
  • Shalini Dubey – Computer Science

It is worth noting that the winning project is among three joint projects being implemented by computer science and engineering students at Alamein International University and Virginia Tech this year under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Seyam, Virginia Tech and Dr. Islam Elgedawy, AIU.