Arbitration for students projects in the Architecture program, Faculty of Engineering

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Essam Elkordi- President of Alamein International University, and Prof. Dr. Hesham Gaber – Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Faculty of Engineering, headed by Prof. Dr. Remon Eskander- Director of Engineering Programs Organized a jury for projects at the end of the first semester- Fall 2022, for third-level students in the Architecture program, on Sunday, January 1, 2023, within the architectural studio course.

The jury committees’ strategy depends on directing students and encouraging them to conduct the study, explore, and think, as well raising concerns, sharing their perspectives, and providing solutions. In order to connect academic study and professional requirements and exchange design perspectives, they represent a variety of schools and architectural philosophies and integrate students into the professional environment by imitating the professional market. The students managed to deal with and concentrate on making connections between the academic courses and the practical aspects in order to give a chance to foster an environment that would inspire innovative, advanced ideas and help students improve their oral communication, listening and thinking abilities.