UNESCO Club team at Alamein International University organized a cultural tour for students in Alexandria

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Essam Elkordi – President of Alamein International University and Prof. Dr. Hesham Gaber- Vice President for Academic Affairs, and within the framework of the university’s extra-curricular student activities and the initiative of civilization awareness in Alexandria, the UNESCO Club team at Alamein International University organized a cultural tour for AIU students in Alexandria on Friday- October 21, 2022.The first tour included a visit to a large number of ancient archaeological areas in the city starting with Fouad Street and its archaeological buildings such as the Spanish Consulate building, the Roman Museum and Alexandria’s old wall which covered most areas of Alexandria, as well as the oldest flower shops at the end of Al-Nabi Daniel Street.

The second tour included a visit to the Alexandria National Museum, where the museum displays about 1,800 artefacts ranging from the Pharaonic era to the Ptolemaic era when Alexandria flourished, then the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic eras to the modern era beginning with the era of the Muhammad Ali Pasha family and ending with July 23 Revolution in 1952.It is noteworthy that the UNESCO Club at the university is under construction to be affiliated with the “United Nations Education, Scientific and Culture Organization” which aims to contribute to peace and security by raising the level of cooperation between the world countries in the fields of education and culture to establish global respect for justice, the rule of law, human rights and the basic principles of freedom. The organization includes 195 countries and its headquarter is located in the French capital, Paris.The tour was organized by Ms. Fatima Ashraf – student activities specialist, and the student/ Adham Mohamed Ali – second level – architecture program at AIU.