AIU Welcomed a delegation from the University of Alabama – USA

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Alamein International University (AIU), Prof. Dr. Essam Elkordi- President of Alamein International University and Prof. Dr. Hesham Gaber – Vice President of Alamein International University for Academic Affairs Welcomed Prof. Dr. Wesley Zech- Interim Chair & Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama, Prof. Jay Zhang – Chair & Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Alabama, Prof. Mona Fouad – Division Director of Preventive Medicine and Senior Associate Dean of Medicine at University of Alabama and Prof. Dr. Fouad Fouad – Chair and Professor Emeritus of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Safaa Abdel Salam – Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design (AIU) and the supervisor of AIU equipment, Prof. Dr. Jihan Gowefel- Advisor to the President of the University for International Relations and Internationalization of Education and Director of the Public Health Program (AIU), Prof. Dr. Maged Farouk – Advisor to the President for Administrative and Informatics Affairs(AIU) and Prof. Dr. Remon Iskandar – Director of Engineering programs (AIU).

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Essam Elkordi welcomed the delegation and explained Alamein International University (AIU), its faculties, programs, equipment and Student facilities, as well as the distinct international partnerships that AIU has concluded with a highly ranked Universities. He also expressed his great desire to cooperate with the University of Alabama by exchanging experiences, staff members and students in the field of engineering.During the visit, a meeting was held between Prof. Dr. Jihan Gowefel and Prof. Dr. Mona Fouad which they discussed ways of cooperation in the field of public health, who has the honor to announce the joining of Prof. Dr. Mona Fouad, it is worth mentioning that Prof. Dr. Mona Fouad holds the position of Assistant Dean of the Faculty Medicine at the University of Alabama, USA.

The visit included a meeting with students and faculty members where the delegation gave information about the academic programs at the University of Alabama in addition to answering the inquiries of students and faculty members.The meeting was followed by a campus tour where the delegation praised the university, its buildings, equipment and the advanced programs offered to AIU students especially engineering programs.