Field trip to the infrastructure networks of the buildings & services of AIU campus

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Essam ElKordi, President of Alamein International University, and Prof. Dr. Hisham Gaber, Vice President of the University for Academic affairs, Faculty of Engineering, supervised by Prof. Dr. Remon Eskander, Programs Director of Engineering organized a field trip to the infrastructure networks of the buildings and services of Alamein International University AIU campus for students of the second level in the architecture program at the Faculty of Engineering, within the Sanitary Engineering Course. The students were accompanied and guided by both Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Al-Zamrany , Eng. Sagda Wael Gamaleldin and a number of specialized engineers from the university’s engineering department and engineers from the company executing the university buildings.
This field scientific visit comes within the framework of expanding the students’ knowledge and linking theoretical studies and applications with practical reality; by visiting the underground infrastructure of the educational buildings of the university campus, inspecting the services building, as well as the dorms accommodation buildings for students (under construction), and examining the internal infrastructure systems of the dorms units, buildings’ modular vertical shaft services, and various connections and joints of the buildings. This visit comes in order to complete the purpose of the course, which is the student’s ability to design internal and external infrastructure networks in a practical and modern manner that keeps pace with the latest international systems in this field.