AIU Research Team received funding from the Science and Technology Development Fund

In line with AIU strategy to excel in applied scientific research with direct outcomes on the Egyptian health and economy, one of our research teams led by Dr. Ahmed El-Yazbi, Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics in the Faculty of Pharmacy, recently received funding from the Science and Technology Development Fund. The group will conduct research aiming to develop innovative therapeutics for early treatment of cardio-renal complications of metabolic disease including diabetes and obesity. Such funding represents an important step in recognition of the value of the scientific research conducted at the university and its relentless strive to produce innovative evidence-based solutions for health problems prevalent in the Egyptian society. The project aims to develop a number of investigative drugs affecting new pathological targets recently discovered by the research team. The research team includes a group of renowned Egyptian scientists with international experience and reputation and cooperates with Pharco Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Egypt.