University of Louisville offers 5 fully funded summer training scholarships for students of AIU

To give effect to the Academic Cooperation Agreement signed on November 15, 2021 between Alamein International University (AIU) and the University of Louisville, the University received Prof. Dr. Emmanuel G. Collins, Dean of the J.B Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville, and Prof. Dr. Ayman Elbaz, Chair, Department of Bio-engineering and BOT member of AIU. It was announced that the University of Louisville would offer 5 fully funded summer training scholarships, including travel and accommodation in the United States, and a monthly stipend for students of Alamein International University. This announcement was made during a reception organized at AIU, hosted by Prof. Dr. Essam ElKordi, President of Alamein International University and attended by Prof. Dr. Rouchdy Zahran, Chairman of AIU BoT and AIU students. This meeting comes within the framework of cooperation between the two universities, to establish a joint program in “Bioengineering” and “Computer Science and Engineering”. According to this agreement, the student obtains a dual Bachelor’s Degree from both University of Louisville and Alamein International University.

Under this agreement, the student studies the first three years at Alamein International University, and has the right to choose to study the following two years at the University of Louisville or Alamein International University . This program also provides an internship opportunity for outstanding students during their studies, and a job opportunity after their studies in the United States of America. The meeting included a discussion of the details of the two cooperation programs, as well as a presentation on the University of Louisville and the cooperation programs for students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.
The meeting was attended by Prof.Dr. Hisham Gaber, Vice President for Academics, Prof.Dr. Mustafa Elnainay, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Alamein International University, and Prof.Dr.Mohamed Rizk, Professor at Alexandria University