Prof. Dr. Essam ElKordi gives a speech to congratulate the students on the end of the academic year

By the end of the academic year 2020-2021, Prof. Dr. Essam ElKordi, President of Alamein International University, gave a speech to congratulate the students on th end the academic year and encourage them to take the full responsibility , to benefit from all the facilities available at the university ,to maintain their superiority in particular that the university provides all the capabilities necessary for the education. The university have the best group of the professors and academic stuff from different and various fields.

The president of the university was so keen to open a dialogue with the students, to focus on the difficulties they faced during the academic year, and to listen to all their suggestions in order to improve the academic life for them.

Prof.Dr. Essam ElKordi awarded the excellence students and presented souvenirs and symbolic gifts to encourage them. The Deans of the Faculties and the Managers of the programs were attended the celebration.