Excellence and leadership for improving health services on national and international levels through innovation in education, research and pharmacy practice 


To graduate pharmacists with international standards for developed multidisciplinary health care practice fulfilling diverse needs of society members.

Strategic Objectives

  • Supplying the local and regional market with pharmacists with scientific competence and high professional ethics.
  • Development of pharmaceutical services and participation in health activities that contribute to the improvement of health care. 
  • Encouraging faculty members and their associates to conduct creative pharmaceutical scientific and practical research that contributes in the development of pharmaceutical industries and drug uses. 
  • Strengthening the interrelationships between the Faculty of Pharmacy and the needs of community development. 
  • Providing students with the courses, qualifications and skills that enable them to pursue their postgraduate studies in the various fields of pharmacy. 
  • Providing and developing programs for continuing pharmaceutical education and expanding professional interaction with pharmacists. 
  • Developing the process of pharmaceutical education and training through continuous improvement and updating of curricula and courses. 
  • Preparing and training faculty members and their assistants to carry out their educational and research tasks. 
  • Communicating with the graduates and meeting the needs of the beneficiaries of the pharmaceutical services. 
  • Supporting the Pharmaceutical Education and Quality management system. 
  • Supporting extracurricular activities to build a distinct student personality. 
  • Providing excellent education and professional development for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. 
  • Encouraging and supporting the development of appropriate pharmaceutical models for the different environments in which this industry is practiced. 
  • Organizing and promoting practical applied research and basic research as a vital component of the pharmaceutical sciences. 

Ruling Values

  • Scientific integrity 
  • Professionality 
  • Team work spirit 
  • Rewarding excellence 
  • Quality of performance 
  • Commitment to professional ethics 

Continuous Development Sectors

  • Education and learning
  • Scientific research 
  • Community service and environmental development
  • Administrative and financial system
  • Leadership and governance