The Faculty of Art and Design seeks to create an innovative environment that encourages students to become future leaders who can make a tangible difference to themselves, their country, and their regional and international environments. It develops their ability to devise innovative solutions to problems as promising researchers with lifelong learning potential.


  • To create a knowledge-based higher educational model, equipped with the state-of-the-art technology in art and design.
  • To Lead reform and build the community through creativity and innovation.
  • To prepare students to become exceptional and creative problem solvers.
  • To have a significant input in the world of art and design.

Strategic Objectives

Faculty of Art and Design strategic plan over the next five years affirms its mission, vision, and values towards the achievement of the strategic plan. It seeks to:

  • Impact the economic and cultural life of the new Alamein city, focusing on solving societal challenges and working towards constructive solutions of the environmental problems.
  • Periodically assess, evaluate, develop our programs; and update curricula to meet the international academic standards and to provide meaningful scholarly experiences.
  • Increase students' access to workshops, training courses and open projects on and off campus to provide interaction and experience as a member of the community leading digital environmental design.
  • Develop a higher educational model in art and design and increase the faculty’s visibility on the local, national and international levels.

Governing Values

We uphold a host of values as the cornerstones that lead us to the future. We aspire to realize the following:

  • A premium quality Faculty of Art and design, with cutting edge Knowledge and technology to be up to par with the world
  • Our responsibility exceeds providing academic and meaningful scholarly experiences. It rather includes societal responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic enhancement for a better future.
  • Art and design have the power to change the individual; to be creative problem solver, responsible for society and lifelong learners.
  • Our Identity is shaped by our history, heritage and culture. This unique identity should be our starting point to the future.
  • Faculty of Art and design seeks, welcomes and enhances talented students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Impactful research has the power to shape a better future. It provides accurate information and enables substantial and feasible plans for a better future.

General Philosophy

  • The Faculty of Arts and Design has been established by Al-Alamain International University to serve the expansion and growth of outstanding university education that meets the requirements of development and fulfils the hopes and aspirations of people for a better future for our country and our future generations.
  • We have adopted a novel methodology in curricula and majors so that non-traditional disciplines are directed to meet the needs of the community in basic and emerging labor markets at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Since design specializations need a variety of skills and creative thinking, extensive readings, practical and field training, and various visits to museums, production facilities and factories, the program is designed to address a range of activities covering all these aspects to prepare a different and outstanding graduate.