First: General Attributes of the Graduate

The graduate will be able to be able as follows

  • Understand the basic knowledge of the tourism industry and hospitality.
  • Learn the ethics of the profession in the field of specialization.
  • Keep pace with the changes and developments in the work environment to which he joins.
  • Understand different cultures and deal with different behavioral patterns and become familiar with the principles and characteristics of customer service.
  • Understand and practice effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Practice Self-learning and obtain the desire for continuous learning.
  • Learn the appropriate methods in solving problems, crises and emergency situations in the work.
  • Become aware of the laws and regulations related to the tourism and hospitality sectors and the regulations governing the rights and duties of workers in the field.
  • Know the principles of public and professional health, first aid and safety and security rules that serve the sector.
  • Acquire administrative and technical skills related to the field.
  • Use language skills to deal with specialized references.
  • Use the computer, modern technology, and modern methods of communication.

Second: Knowledge and Understanding

Graduates of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality must be able to know and understand:

  • General and essential Knowledge and theories related to tourism and hospitality activities at the local and international levels.
  • The political, economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of tourism and hospitality activities.
  • The foundations of different civilizations and the role of each civilization in achieving global communication.
  • Principles and foundations of scientific research in the field of tourism and hospitality.
  • Fundamentals of management sciences and general principles of law.
  • Rules of security and safety, and principles of public and professional health.
  • Foundations of specialized computer programs such as Opera and Amadeus.
  • Foundations and concepts of quality in different hospitality establishments.

Third: The Intellectual Skills

Graduates of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality must be able to:

  • Make decisions according to the requirements of the work environment.
  • Compare different cultures and customer motivations.
  • Infer the interrelationships between the parties representing the tourism industry and hospitality.
  • Distinguish between the different administrative methods in the field of tourism and

Fourth: General Skills

Graduates of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality must be able to

  • Use modern technologies suitable for the field of work.
  • Exercise effective communication skills and presentation.
  • Interact and work within a team.
  • Deal with problems in the work environment.
  • Complete of assigned tasks within the specified time frame.
  • Uphold protocol and public ceremony related to the field of work.
  • Pursue Self-learning.