The Faculty is willing to be characterized by academic excellence and scientific research applied in the field of tourism, hospitality and tourism guidance, which enables it to reach a distinguished place in the ranks of global Faculties and to serve the society.


 The Faculty aims to provide quality academic programs in the fields of tourism, hospitality and tourist guidance to enable students to obtain basic knowledge and professional skills. The Faculty also seeks to support research projects and community initiatives that contribute to achieving scientific excellence, which in turn leads to the development and service of the tourism industry in Egypt and its regional aspect.

Strategic Objectives

  • To Qualify and graduate qualified and trained human cadres through the provision of advanced, practical academic programs that fulfill the needs of the local and regional tourist and hotel labor market.
  • To expand the delivery of various community services through the launching of many community initiatives.
  • To focus on scientific research and development, and to link it to the needs of the community and the labor market.
  • To promote awareness of tourism among members of the local community.
  • To provide advisory services and specialized training programs.
  • To commit to academic quality standards and continuous development of faculty and staff performance.
  • To pursue continuous development of the Faculty's potential, facilities and educational services.
  • To focus on concluding joint cooperation agreements with universities, regional and international institutes and the tourist work sector, and to monitor their enforcement of such agreements.

Governing Values

The faculty adopts the University’s ruling values, and it also strives to achieve its mission by emphasizing a set of core values that express its internal identity and give it its distinctive personality represented in:

  • Full belief that educational programs, scientific research and communication between the Faculty and the local community contribute to the expansion of knowledge and enhance the quality of the tourism industry in the region.
  • The belief in Preparing graduates that are ready for the community through a strong educational institution that includes training and liberal education and the development of career recruitment skills and lifelong learning.
  • The belief that education is a collaborative process between students, faculty members and those working in the field of tourism and hotels.
  • The belief in the value of diversity in teaching disciplines. Therefore, there are many interdisciplinary and specialized disciplines within the Faculty under the umbrella of the university, believing in the diversity of the local community with focusing on strengthening the strengths within the faculty departments
  • The commitment to the contribution of entertainment.  Community and tourism development in achieving sustainability and supervision of cultural, historical and natural resources.
  • Integration with the outside world through scholarships and partnership with some international universities with a global classification for integration as well as partnership with the fields of tourism industry and hospitality, which will serve the local and regional community.